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My second life so far: Perk me up

I had a bad day at work today. But nothing a hot cup of tea can’t fix (plus doughnuts!)…AND…

Tea and Donuts

…and coming home to my virtual world…which at the moment is better than my real world…

A visit to the MOoH! store never fails to cheer me up — got my Destiny dress (group perk this week*) and a visit to the Kawaii spot at Backdrop City…ahhhh…pink is the colour of happy!

*Group perks changes now and then; check the in-world store for the latest perk 🙂

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My Second Life so far: Today, I’m just going to wear lace

MOoH! Group Gift - Feb 2018

If you don’t know what to wear — just wear lace!

The Nora outfit is this month’s group gift at MOoH! The goddess is in the details — I am in love with this lace set! It comes with 6 colours AND you can mix ‘n’ match!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I consider knowing how to wear your group tag as one of the most important things you should know as a newbie. Now I understand that whenever I intend to shop in a store, I need to activate the specific group so I can get the gifts and perks from my favourite stores. For MOoH! make sure you are MOoH!licious — if you are an SL newbie like me and need help, shoot me a comment and I’ll to assist you best I can 🙂

Thanks for reading my MOoH!licious blog! Love to all!

Please watch my short video and let me know what you think in the comments. Ta!

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My Second Life so far: My Sweet Valentine

FirestormOS-Releasex64 30-01-2018 4-35-06 PM-72

I learnt something new! I am so excited that the mesh jewelleries can be edited! I got a bit worried that my necklace and ring are not fitting properly especially when I change poses and I was delighted to learn that by moving or rotating the object, my beautiful pink Opal necklace is nestled perfectly on my neckline and my Opal ring befittingly on my finger. Everything is perfect now for my sweet Valentine find at MOoH! ~ ~ ~

NEW! MOoH! Wendy Outfit (Pink)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pink thigh high socks with white ribbon and Mary Jane heels

FirestormOS-Releasex64 30-01-2018 2-31-27 PM-886

I also learnt that depending on the windlight settings, the colours of my outfit can change. Here my shoes look like beige and green. Interesting!

For more info checkout >>> MOoH!
Shop for your Sweet Valentine at MOoH!

NEW! MOoH! Wendy Outfit (Pink)

Thanks for reading my MOoHlicious blog! Love to all ❤

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My Second Life so far: Sweet and soft as a marshmallow

I am really enjoying discovering what wearables are in SL and it’s a lovely surprise that some items come with an animation. I have recently played one of the gacha machines at Sorumin’s store and got a hot cocoa drink with marshmallows, plus a drinking animation. I love my cuppa in real life and so I love it too when my avi will have some sort of drink wearables. I was inspired and decided to put together an outfit that would complete my sweet and soft as a marshmallow look.

As I was shopping at the MOoH! store, I was instantly drawn to this cute lace spaghetti strap top (MOoH! Vicky top). I thought it would go nicely with my MOoH! Tammy denim shorts…and platform flip flops!

Desktop 25-01-2018 7-29-32 PM-128 (2)

If I can only have one pair of flip flops, this will be it. The MOoH! platform flip flops has 56 mix ‘n’ match colour hud!!! You’ll have every possible colour combination that would match your fashion mood!

Thanks for reading my MOoHlicious blog! Love to all ❤


To see the drinking animation of my cocoa drink, checkout my short video:


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My Second Life so far: Kawaii overload!

My SL experience so far has been…magical! A friend recommended that I visit Backdrop City and I teleported to their Kawaii section…it was cuteness overload there! What more better venue to put on my MOoH! fashions-inspired ensemble!


Adding more to the kawaii theme is this super adorable MOoH! Pegicorn doll! Head over to Twe12ve (Jan 12-30) to get this gacha item. Once the event finishes, you can get Pegicorns at the MOoH! store.

01 Pegicorn

Another gacha item I got is the Sorumin Kawaii Gacha – Unicorn Cup (rare). This unicorn cuppa goodness has a very cute animation too. I did enjoy playing with the gacha machines and don’t you just love it when you get the one that you like on the first go!


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My Second Life so far: 1st fashion blog – MOoH!

I joined SL in December 2017 and this is my first fashion blog entry. My progress had been slow, I have been very busy in RL. In this blog, I am featuring the first ever ensemble for my avi after having system clothing. Learning how to customise and improve your avatar appearance in SL can be quite tricky but it helps to have a good friend in-world — thank you Dalriada for making my first few days in SL a memorable and fab experience!


NEW from MOoH! — the Caity outfit (light) is a hooded vest with rose embroidery and short pleated skirt — comes with a six-colour HUD (you can mix and match to your heart’s content). The vest has pockets and the princess line has strings tied in a criss-cross fashion, with the extra strings semi-coiled and falling off like tassels. I love how the vest is zipped halfway, you can flaunt your favourite statement pieces from your jewelry collection.

The hood reminds me of Red Riding Hood’s cloak, a monk’s cowl or a Jedi robe, whatever tickles your fancy. I believe the skirt features the knife pleated style and the length is just perfect — you can have a play with footwear and socks — here, I am wearing the Dixie boots (delicate) with socks in asymmetrical lengths. The Dixie boots include 12-colour HUD for boots, sole, socks and laces, plus five colours for the metals…just imagine the combination possibilities 🙂

MOoH! Ensemble

MOoH! Caity Outfit and Dixie Boots

I am also starting a series in my youtube channel called ‘Take a minute…’. I’m still working out the settings when rendering my video so it’s a bit of a trial and error for now. My virtual life is my therapy and I just want to share a friendly reminder to all — do something that makes you happy, you deserve it…don’t forget to take a minute or two or more to love yourself. Check out my video: Take a minute and hang loose


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Vehicle Showcase: X33 Gold #8

Had a bad sleep, terrible thunderstorm at silly o’clock in the morning. Lost all my energy reserves after my shift finished. Hot and humid day plus train delays (Sydney Rail ‘smh)…oh whinge, whinge,  whinge. When I got home, was not up for anything…I do want to do something creative and just not give in to napping (I do need it badly). I psyched myself to open my game and get some footage and learn how using my new video editing tool. I had fun putting all the videos together and playing with the transitions and such…this is the first time I’m using the video editor to make a There machinima, so after the render, I was a bit disappointed because the video quality was so bad. I just made a video using the same screen recorder but with my Sims 4 game, everything went well…so I’m not sure what changed. Anyway, I discovered that I can upload directly to youtube so that did the trick, although, the quality is not as good as my previous renders using my other video editor (which I don’t have access to anymore). Anyway, I did resolve to blog more, be more creative and learn learn learn…sooo…just thought of sharing my latest video upload:

Virtual World of There: VEHICLE SHOWCASE ~ X33 Gold #8 (Limited Edition)